About Us

Our aim is to provide individuals seeking treatment with valuable information to ensure they are well-informed. We offer insights into crisis stabilization treatment, catering to families in crisis and individuals grappling with severe symptoms of mental health and substance use disorders.

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What We Specialize in

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At SoCal Mental Health, our primary focus is on connecting individuals with specialized treatment providers who can address mental health needs, while also facilitating connections for those struggling with substance use disorders. We specialize in guiding individuals towards residential treatment options tailored for chronic psychiatric symptoms, a service that is not widely available elsewhere. Additionally, we assist clients in accessing the support they need before transitioning to outpatient programs, ensuring a smooth progression between levels of care. What truly sets SoCal Mental Health apart is our commitment to:

  • Decreasing stigmas associated with mental illness
  • Providing direct client care for often overlooked populations
  • Specialized outcome-oriented treatment 
  • Reducing the need for unnecessary and costly stays at psychiatric hospitals

SoCal Mental Health Values

We recommend centers that offer compassionate care that reflects our core values. The staff at SoCal Mental Health’s proffered providers are dedicated to treating each client with:

  • Dignity
  • Respect 
  • Integrity
  • Acceptance
  • Patience 
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Program Mission and Philosophy

SoCal Mental Health is committed to facilitating connections between clients and treatment centers, prioritizing the delivery of top-tier care. Our tailored approach aims to empower individuals by equipping them with the skills necessary to navigate mental health disorders and lead fulfilling lives. Our focus is on increasing independence, self-sufficiency, and stabilizing symptoms through evidence-based methods. We guide clients in learning and implementing healthier habits and routines, ensuring a seamless transition from residential care.

Our provider’s programs are structured to address everyday stressors and promote self-confidence and self-sufficiency. Each participant is assigned community responsibilities, gradually enhancing their ability to manage tasks such as cleaning, cooking, and socializing. Engaging in essential life skills and social interactions plays a crucial role in managing mental health challenges and fostering independence. Active participation from all clients is encouraged to foster enduring growth and healing through our commitment to connecting individuals with appropriate treatment centers.

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