SoCal Mental Health provides media to describe our treatment philosophies and treatment team. Watch these videos to learn about SoCal Mental Health’s crisis stabilization program

Holistic Methods of Mental Health Treatment

Play Video about Music Facilitator for Mental Health Treatment in Orange County

Meet Our Music Facilitator

Will offers music therapy and song writing techniques as a holistic method of mental health treatment. 

Play Video about Sound Healing Instructor Tania in Orange County, CA

Tania offers sound healing as a holistic method of treatment for mental health disorders & to help with overall wellness.

Play Video about Our Yoga Instructor for Mental Health Orange County, CA

Laura offers yoga as a holistic treatment method for mental health disorders and to enhance overall well-being.

Play Video about Personal Training for Mental Health in Orange County, CA

Meet Our Personal Trainer

During treatment, Erin provides personal training sessions to help with physical, mental, and emotional health. 

Clinical & Medical Staff

Play Video about Gil Carmona Chief Clinical Officer

Meet Our Clinical Director

Clinical Direction Gil gives insight into the need for short-term crisis stabilization and breaking down the stigma of mental health disorders. 

Play Video about Dr. Lawrence Turner Medical Director

Meet Our Medical Director

Dr. Lawrence Tucker, the medical director, discusses the trends in mental health treatment and the need for mental health treatment centers.

Play Video about Director of Professional Relations at SoCal Mental Health Tamlyn Lee

Meet Our Director of Professional Relations

Tamlyn Lee is a therapist who helps ensure that clients receive the proper aftercare program after their stay at SoCal Mental Health based on individual needs.

Play Video about Lead Nurse Sarah Coover

Meet Our Nurse

Lead nurse, Sarah Coover, discusses how educating patients about medication management can help with comfortability taking medications and understanding how each medication works. 

General Information About SoCal Mental Health

Play Video about Introduction to SoCal Mental Health in Orange County, California

Introduction to SoCal Mental Health

An overall look at the mental health treatment program provided at SoCal Mental Health in Orange County, CA.

Play Video about Therapist Describing what Makes SoCal Mental Health a Primary mental health program

What Makes Us Primary Mental Health?

Courtney, a therapist and case manager, discusses the importance of being a primary mental health facility. 

Play Video about Primavera House in Mission Viejo, Orange County, CA

Primavera House Virtual Tour

Get an inside look into one of the houses in Mission Viejo where treatment and residence is provided. 

Play Video about Co-occurring substance use image thumbnail: Gina

Our Approach to Co-Occurring Substance Use Disorders

SoCal Mental Health is a primary mental health facility, although we can treat secondary substance abuse disorders.