Spring Is Almost Here and Nature Awaits

Spring Is Almost Here and Nature Awaits

As a species, we need nature now more than ever. With screen time increasing, and disconnection rearing its face, now is the time to connect to nature. Doing so has been a utilized method that dates back to our ancestors. Nature is all around you, and you are all around nature.

As we are closing in on one season, we wait anxiously for the arrival of another. Spring is just around the corner and brings a sense of renewal to your sense of self. This is a time of awakening and revival. As flowers begin to bloom, we will see more than a few minutes of the sun peeking in from the clouds. Vibrant shades of green will emerge from small spaces, initially to remind us that rich colors are on their way. There are many benefits to taking several minutes a day and spending time outdoors. 

Benefits of the Spending Time in Nature

If you are able, take a few moments and step outside. Choose to breathe a big breath from your nostrils and diaphragm and exhale it out. Look around you and notice the earth’s space that you live within. Just by engaging in a simple moment of connecting to all that is around you, your mood is lighter, and you might even feel a little bit happier. 

Nature is not just the wilderness or going on hikes in the forest. You can enjoy nature at your local community park and green spaces. Perhaps, to experience this, you can buy a plant and watch it grow. Or you can sit by a body of water and watch a rippling effect when skipping rocks. There are many benefits to being in nature, and there are several things that you can engage in to experience the benefits.

Calming Your Mind With Nature

Mother nature seems to have a way of connecting mind, body, soul, and spirit to the earth. It has been known that nature creates a space of peace and serenity within a person’s life. This is something you cannot experience within a city environment. Taking a weekend to stay at home a binge-watch television will not bring you the kind of peace and connection that nature provides.

Research shows that spending time in nature has a positive effect on health and well-being and reduces stress. Taking time to spend in nature can refuel your mind and create a calm space for healing.

The Role of Sunshine

Vitamin D has some important functions within the body. It is hard to consume all the vitamin D that you need from the food you eat; the sun is the primary source of this vitamin. It only takes five to 15 minutes of sun exposure each day to notice a difference within your body. When the sun shows itself, all you need is a small amount of time but remember, if you are outside for more than 15 minutes, don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

Additionally, sun exposure increases serotonin levels, which are imperative to mental health.

Natural Anti-depressant

Being in nature helps to decrease depressive and anxiety symptoms. Just by engaging in nature, you can practice mindfulness and gratitude. The peace of being within nature promotes a sense of calming of the mind. Mother nature has provided a gentle way for humans to center themselves and just be within the moment.

The great outdoors encourages physical activity, which can be a struggle within a space of depression. Exercise helps you to be physically stronger and improves your mood and mindset.

Endorphins are the happy hormones that the body produces during any physical activity. If you think about it, combining nature with physical activity can have an outstanding effect on the body.

Improved Mental State

Nothing is better than breathing in fresh air when in a bad mood or experiencing anxiety. Connecting with the outdoors has been linked to many health benefits, such as a boost in moods, improved attention spans, and an increase in connection.

Natural Social Interactions

Spring is coming, and it is time to prepare for some activities to help you build anticipation and get involved. It is important to recognize that you can socially interact with others in nature. While you may feel alone at times, you are never alone with all the opportunities that nature has to offer. Other people are around that will be engaging in the experiences that nature has to offer. What a perfect way to meet new people!

Outdoor activities do not have to be specific. You can allow yourself to do whatever pleases you outside. For example, if you love to write stories, take a pen and paper with you on your next hike. Sit down and write what comes to mind. Perhaps you will find the answers that you have been seeking.

Nature provides many benefits you can take advantage of by connecting to yourself or others in the natural scenery around you. Understanding that the outdoors will give you hope for a new day and a non-judgemental space for you to calm your mind are just a few of the many benefits. SoCal Mental Health is a treatment center for mental health and substance use issues, and we value the space that nature provides to heal the mind. We also understand the complications of living in a world of confusion and frustration, which is why we will meet you where you are on your journey. Give us a call at (949) 502-2041 today.

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