Creativity, Cognition, and Positivity

Creativity, Cognition, and Positivity

The mind is the center point of the human body. It is the control center and sends instructions and commands to all the body’s moving pieces. When your mental health declines, the mind can struggle to send necessary signals to the body. This can result in feeling robotic or like you are living in monotony. Creativity and positivity are the missing links affecting your cognition and, ultimately, your happiness.

Creativity can break through the walls of anxiety, depression, and negative emotions. It rejuvenates positivity in your brain function and enhances your positive outlook on life. Creativity and positivity can also benefit those in treatment and recovery. It does so by helping dissuade anxiety and fostering the motivation necessary for recovery and for your life after.

Creativity and Positivity’s Role in Cognition

When your mind has the time and space to be creative, it can function in a way that is conducive to healthy feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. When your mind lacks creativity and positivity, you can feel like you are in an endless loop or a hopeless reality. However, treatment can help you find ways to no longer feel stuck in this dark space. 

The benefits of mindfulness and awareness of your surroundings are endless and essentially aid cognitive thinking. Creativity and positivity enhance your ability to navigate this complex and fast-changing world. Sometimes the world continues to turn, and life goes on regardless of what may happen or when. In these times, it may feel like it has stopped for you. 

This can be hard when others around you can seemingly adjust to change or a shift immediately. However, it is likely that it only seems to be the case, and it took them time to adjust as well. They may have more balance to feel the need to pause without allowing the feeling to overtake them. 

What Does Creativity Look Like, and How Does It Promote Positivity?

Creativity could be doing arts and crafts, trying something new, or even spending time in nature. Trying different things or breaking your day-to-day routine is healthy. Even getting a breath of fresh air may cause you to notice that your mood is lighter. That simple shift from watching tv or playing a game to writing can cause a big positive shift in your mind. A change of scenery is important to have when you feel fine. You can especially benefit from it when you know you are not. 

Other ways of adopting creativity and positivity can be making a list of things you would like to try. Doing the same exact thing every single day becomes dull and can make your life feel stuffy. When you add anxiety, depression, or even substance use to that mix, that feeling only worsens. This is why creativity and positivity are so important and can keep you level and at peace. 

Therapies That Promote Balance in Creativity and Positivity

Mental health treatment and therapy can help you get back to the enjoyment of life. However, getting there also requires a level of motivation that you may need assistance tapping into. SoCal Mental Health offers a variety of therapies that can treat mental health issues and reintroduce creativity and positivity to your life. 


One therapy we offer that can work as a first step or foundation for recovery is called psychoanalysis. It can help you to bring repressed thoughts and feelings to the surface. When this happens, those unacknowledged issues from your past can be addressed and properly filtered by releasing that negativity.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

As behavior is directly tied to cognition, both are combined and targeted and can be successfully treated with cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). This form of therapy hones in on what your behavior says about your mind and vice versa. With this treatment measure, you can find the root of your life’s current challenges. Then you can create the best recipe for the change you need. 

Dialectic Behavior Therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is science-based and powerful in its ability to provide emotional management for acceptance and change. It can work more effectively when paired with CBT.

Holistic Therapy

When experiencing emotional dysregulation, you do not feel your best or yourself. You may remember times when your good days and bad were more leveled out. Now you cannot remember the last time you felt over the moon. Holistic therapy is a form of alternative therapy that offers a source of comfort in treatment. This measure of therapy treats you as the person and not simply the issue at hand. It also focuses on your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health as well.

Is a Lack of Creativity and Positivity Affecting Your Cognition?

If you feel that you are lacking the balance of creativity and positivity in your life, that’s okay. The good thing is that you have taken notice of it. Now you can apply action to that realization. Do not feel ashamed if you need help. We all do sometimes, and you are not alone. 

When life’s troubles have depleted the positivity or creativity of your cognition, you can reclaim them. Burnout is, at times, inevitable. However, there are ways to combat the constant feeling of being overwhelmed or unbothered. Creativity in treatment can boost your motivation to live your best life again. You do not have to stay stuck in the routine of just another long day. Creativity affects cognition, and being aware of this can help you regain the balance in brain function needed for growth. SoCal Mental Health offers a variety of treatment options that can help you find that balance again. For more information, reach out to us at (888) 312-0219

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